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What Is A Roof Valley And How Do You Create One?

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Depending upon its architecture, a home may have a very simple roof, while another may have a complicated design. Roof valleys are an attractive design component used on many roofs when required by the roof architecture. Yet as simple as it may seem, roof valleys can be [...]

Foam Roofing – What Is and Isn’t True?


There are many different types of foam, with many different uses. Flexible polyurethane foam (FPF) is also used as roofing material and is popular in commercial roofing services. FPF has been used as a roofing material for at least 30 years. Despite this, there is a lot [...]

What Is Roofing Tar And How Is It Used?

Roofing services are performed using a variety of methods. Some of these methods include the use of roofing tar. Roofing tar plays a number of important roles in built-up, and tar and asphalt types of roofs, and is used mainly on flat roofs. It is also commonly used as [...]

The Weather Is Heating Up – So Are Your Shingles!


A roof is every home’s main protection from the weather; and the one barrier between interior spaces and the sun. Roofs take a beating nearly every day from the sun constantly shining down on them. This is especially true for shingled roofs, as they can either can [...]

Roof Maintenance Includes Proper Roof Ventilation!


As simple as a roofing structure may seem, it is actually somewhat complex. For a functional roof to stay in good shape, it must not only be strong and weatherproof, but also well ventilated. Ventilation is a critical roofing requirement. Part of proper roof maintenance is ensuring [...]