Proper drainage is critical to the health and condition of flat commercial roofs.

Unless there is proper drainage to keep water from pooling on your flat installation, the chance of damage that will eventually require commercial roof repair is high.

To ensure the roof over your building is draining correctly, work with a qualified commercial roofer to be certain your roof includes all the necessary elements that will promote proper drainage and prevent water damage.

1. Roof Scuppers

Scuppers are the main element used for draining water from flat commercial roofs and away from the walls and foundation of the building.

Similar to gutters, scuppers are openings in the edges of the rooftop that allow water to pass through into a drainage pipe or channel.

They are usually installed by commercial roof services during building construction, although scuppers can also be added later to buildings that need them.

Scuppers are found on most commercial buildings today unless the architectural style does not allow for the use of this design.

Where scuppers cannot be used, gutters are essential.

2. A Well-Maintained Gutter System

In addition to scuppers or on buildings that do not or cannot have them, gutters are critical components for promoting efficient drainage from your flat commercial roof.

Every building that requires them should have a quality gutter system installed along the edges of the roof to catch water rolling down the slightly inclined surface and divert it quickly away from the top of the building.

Proper maintenance and regular gutter cleaning are essential for keeping your gutters functioning correctly and the top of your building well drained to prevent damage that requires costly commercial roof repair.

Gutters are your first line of defense against damage that could happen if water starts pooling on your flat roof.

3. Interior Roof Drains If Necessary

Scuppers and gutters typically provide adequate roof drainage for most commercial buildings; however, when additional drainage is required, a commercial roofer can install an interior drainage system to assist the gutters and scuppers in keeping water off the top of the building.

These systems appear as drains right in the surface of the roof that divert water into a pipe system under the surface to expel water into drains within the building itself.

An interior drainage system is usually indicated for very large buildings with expansive flat installations or for buildings experiencing water pooling problems to prevent damage that will require roof repair.

Make Sure Your Flat Commercial Roof is Well Drained

The two biggest enemies of your flat commercial roof are water and wind.

With adequate drainage in the form of scuppers, gutters, and interior drains if necessary, you can protect your building from the extensive damage that poorly draining water can cause and save thousands of dollars on costly commercial roof repair.

Have your roof inspected yearly by a qualified commercial roofing service and discuss proper drainage with them at that time.

The best time to worry about whether your installation needs better drainage is before you end up with a big problem!

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