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Commercial roofs are just like any other kind of building covering. They sit out in the sun day in and day out, through rain and extreme weather, and are fully expected to provide safety and shelter to the inhabitants or persons beneath.

Are Commercial Roofs Different Than Residential Ones?

Just like any other building covering, commercial roofs are vulnerable to the very same elements that they are supposed to provide shelter to those inside and underneath them.

Unfortunately, that means that these building tops can crack in constant temperature changes, leak and grow fungus from moisture damage, and eventually buckle to the point of needing replacement.

So yes – commercial roof maintenance is just as important..

Commercial roof services will also agree that roof coatings are just as necessary to these building tops. But what exactly are roof coatings and why does your commercial building need one?

What Are Roof Coatings?

Let's start from the beginning. A coating system basically is a system that is fluid applied onto your commercial roofs. It is used for waterproofing and extra protection against the elements and is part of making your commercial roof maintenance process easier.

They can sometimes be 60%+ solids (by volume), and are also at times reinforced by fabric. When commercial roof services reinforce the coating, it then becomes sort of like a sandwich. The first coat is the bottom slice of bread, the fabric of polyester or cotton is the filling and the top coat is, well, the top slice. 

What Are The Benefits Of Roof Coatings?

Commercial roofs can gain many different benefits from getting a coating. Building covers can even sometimes be saved instead of needing a full replacement, as a benefit of coatings is the fact that they can help restore some roofs that do not yet need repair.

Commercial roof services also sometimes recommend roof coatings if you would like to reduce heat energy costs, helping you to save a little extra on your electricity bill. The coating not only prevents moisture and water damage to your building top by virtue of waterproofing it; it also protects your commercial roof from harmful UV rays, preventing accelerated breakdown of the materials and components of your building covering. It also lessens the need and the cost of commercial roof maintenance.

imply put, coatings can truly help to extend the life of your roof for decades to come. It is essential, however, to make sure that you get regular inspections anyway, just to be sure that your coating is doing its job.

Commercial roofs need TLC and protection just like any other building covering. Fortunately, these days it has become much easier to give them the defense they need. All you need to do is to call commercial roof services to come put a coating on your roof so you can be sure to extend the life of your roof. Of course, never neglect how commercial roof maintenance can help in extending the life of your roof year-round!

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