Depending on the type of roofing material used and the way it is installed, some roofs can be noisy. Metal roofs are especially noted for being noisy when it is raining or hailing outside, but other materials are also known to transmit some noise. Companies that offer experienced roof services note that while there will always be a certain amount of sound generated from every roof, with the proper diagnosis and good roof maintenance, there are ways this noise can be reduced. Quiet roofs begin with a quality installation, by a good residential roofing company that understands how roof noise is transmitted throughout a home, and how to prevent it.

Understanding and Diagnosing Roof Noise

Metal roofs are the most common noise-producing structures overhead, but they are not the only ones. Any roof can produce enough noise to be bothersome, depending upon how it was installed, roof maintenance, and other details about the structure of the roof and home. Since sound can be transmitted through open space and within support structures in a home, confirming why there is noise often depends on looking much deeper than the surface of the noisy roof. What is an expected noise level on the outside, might be amplified inside for a variety of reasons including poor installation, temperature fluctuations on roofing materials, lack of insulation, home acoustics, and air leaks, amongst other causes.

One main cause of noise from many roofs is the incorrect application of underlayment over decking, as well as the poor fastening of exterior roofing materials. When there is space between layers, and exterior materials are not well-fastened to decking, or the in-between layers that protect decking are not solidly affixed, this allows for greater amplification of sound when anything hits the roof. Secure attachment of these layers helps to deaden sound, while space between them allows it to travel through the decking and into attic space, and sometimes even along roof joists and the support structure. This is usually the main issue with a metal roof, although this effect is also seen with poorly affixed asphalt shingles, and other types of shingles.

Fixing a Noisy Roof

The hardest part of reducing roof noise is usually determining the cause, since there can be so many unexpected variables as to why there even is noise in the first place. Once the cause has been ascertained, there are specific things that can often be done to either stop, or reduce this noise. Some of these things are fairly easy and inexpensive to do, while others are more involved and costly.

Those companies with the most experience in providing roof services suggest that since most roof noise is caused by improper roof installation, a homeowner has two main options for getting things more quiet: 1) repair the roofing installation; or, 2) use other methods to deaden sound until it is time to install a new roof. When the roof installation is not the problem, or if replacing the roof is simply not an option, increasing attic insulation and using sound-deadening products can help. Where wind is an issue due to echoes and other noises, the source of that airflow must be sealed off. If sound travels along the roof or house support structures, a way must be devised to stop the transmission of that energy to help quiet things down. There are different methods to use, depending upon the cause.

The most important way to prevent roof noise from becoming a problem is to always work with a good residential roof company that is well-known for providing the most experienced roof services, to ensure the best installation possible. There are also many roofing options available that are specifically known for deadening sound that is caused by wind, rain, and even hail. Still, sometimes roof noise is unavoidable when the installation itself is not the problem. It is important to keep in mind that no matter which roofing maintenance and residential roof repair company is chosen to fix this problem, a careful determination be made regarding the cause of the noise, so the proper correction method is employed!

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