A roof is one of the most important, and also most expensive parts of any home. Roofs can last many years, but they don’t last forever, meaning that at some point most every homeowner will have to hire a roofing contractor to replace their roof. To reduce the frequency with which a roof needs to be replaced, regular and timely residential roofing maintenance is something important that a homeowner should invest in. Hiring experienced residential roofing services to provide this type of care is the best way to stay on top of potential problems before they get out of control, and to extend the life of the roof.

Debris Removal and Roof Clearing

One basic task that helps keep a roof in great shape is removing anything that falls on it, since items that lay on a roof’s surface can be the start of moisture and decay problems. Those who perform roofing maintenance on both residential and commercial buildings assert that branches and leaves tend to collect the most dirt and debris, etc., so if either of these things are on a roof, they should be removed. Inspect roofs for any visible damage, and take note of its general condition while clearing it off. Shingles and seams should be inspected, looking for any evidence that something is not right. A homeowner may be able to carefully brush their roofs off as necessary if they have access to the right equipment, such as a roof rake. Also, if there are overhead tree branches that are constantly dropping leaves and twigs onto the roof, tree trimming is recommended.

Moss Removal

Moss grows where there is moisture, and keeps things moist. In climates where moss frequently grows on roofs, homeowners must have their roofs inspected to determine if the moss is causing any damage, and requires removal. On an asphalt roof, unless moss is growing underneath the shingles, causing them to separate from the underlayment, it is usually harmless. Yet moss on any type of wooden roof should be cleaned off, since it holds moisture that prematurely decays these natural shingles. Moss removal is a challenge, and usually requires the services of an experienced residential roofing company that can scrub the roof with detergents or bleach. Roofing contractors can also apply zinc strips on a roof’s ridge, which can help in the prevention of moss growth since zinc residue is then spread along roofing surfaces whenever it rains.

Keep Gutters Clean

Above all else, gutters must be kept clear, since blocked gutters can be the cause of numerous problems, all of which shorten the service life of any type of roof. When water is allowed to pool in gutters, and roofing edges become submerged, this causes mold and moisture problems, damage to soffits and walls of the house, and is absorbed by underlayment and decking. Water also freezes in the winter, causing ice damming. This pushes roofing materials off the decking, allowing water to seep underneath, where wood rot begins. Gutters should be cleaned out at least twice a year, in both the spring and fall. Even after this has been done, gutters must continue to be inspected throughout the remainder of the year to ensure water continues to flow freely to downspouts, and there are no blockages.

Routine Roof Inspection

Some of the maintenance referenced above can be done by the homeowners themselves if it is done carefully. Yet a roofing contractor should do anything that actually involves climbing onto the roof. It is equally important for a professional roofer to get on the roof at least once a year or to inspect it at close range, and check for any shingle damage, like curling, cracking, and lifting, most of which is difficult to view from the ground.

By working with experienced residential roofing services, a homeowner should be able to keep their roof in its best possible condition for its expected service life, sometimes even longer. Although it may seem unnecessary, when residential roofing maintenance is performed by a professional roofer who knows how to properly inspect a roof and who also knows what problems to look for, homeowners can also help to avoid bigger problems down the road!

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