Getting a number of written work estimates before agreeing to any roofing services is always a good idea. Doing so enables homeowners to not only find the best services, but also compare pricing and what a roof company is offering for their price. When comparing roofing estimates, look for the specific items discussed below and note what each roofing company is offering to fully understand what is being included with the service. By fully understanding an estimate, homeowners can easily judge which roofing services can provide the best benefits for them.

Materials Breakdown

A work estimate should always include a detailed breakdown of the materials that will be used for the specific job; including all shingles, underlayment, decking, insulation, and any other necessary materials. Make sure the roofer actually measures the roof and that the amount of materials estimated actually corresponds to the size of the roof. Look for the specific type and brand of roofing material to ensure that it is a quality product, since some roofing companies price estimates using lower quality materials so the estimate will be lower. This could lead to either work that does not last as long as it should due to the use of inferior materials or a final bill much higher than the estimate.

Labor and Incidental Fees

Roofing estimates should include not just an amount for labor, but also an itemized breakdown of labor costs and what they include. There may be some associated incidental costs which may include clean-up and disposal fees. These things should all be specified as well. Keep in mind that some roofing services may charge more for labor than others, with good reason. Roofers who receive better training and do better work charge more for their services than those with less expertise. In other words, when it comes to roofing labor, you may well get what you pay for.

Warranty - Materials and Installation

Since there are many things that could potentially go wrong with a roofing installation, only contract a roofer who is willing to give a warranty on their installation. The better the service, the more extensive their warranty will usually be, since experienced roofers typically do better work. Still, mistakes happen, so a warranty on the installation is essential. Likewise, understand the materials warranty and how the roofing company deals with general roofing problems if there are problems later with material and/or the installation itself.

Referrals and Customer Reviews

After comparing the details of the various estimates, it is always a good idea to ask for referrals; you can also look online for customer reviews of the different companies to see what others are saying. Customer testimonials and reviews can be very helpful in determining if others have had problems with a roofer or estimate that was originally given.

By using these pointers, homeowners should have little trouble comparing the estimates they get for roofing services. Choosing the best roofing company can be a challenge, especially when estimates vary greatly in price. By understanding exactly what each estimate includes for materials, labor, and warranty can help select the best roofer for your needs!

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