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When the time comes for a new roof installation, there are a variety of materials available. Metal roofing may not be the first thing that comes to mind; however, it is definitely a material you should consider. When installed properly by experienced roof services, metal offers you many advantages that other materials do not.

Before you decide on using the same standard shingles again, consider the many reasons why a metal structure installed by a local roof company could be the right choice for your home.

Strength and Durability

A metal roof installation is stronger than many other materials and durable against most weather conditions. Metal can withstand blazing heat, roaring winds, snow, ice, and even smaller-sized hail without getting so much as a scratch. Some metal systems are even rated for hurricane-force winds up to 140 mph and have a Class IV impact resistance rating that can withstand even larger hail.

In comparison to other materials that roof services can install such as asphalt or wood shingles, slate, or tile, metal outperforms them all in strength and overall durability.

Long Life Expectancy

Because a metal structure that is installed by an experienced roof company is strong and durable, it offers you a longer life expectancy than other more common materials. Between its ability to shed water and snow quickly and its reflective properties, metal is less likely to suffer from premature decomposition due to rust, leaks, or brittleness.

This degree of durability allows metal roofs to last 50 years or more; some remain in working condition covering your roof for up to a century. This means you could have a cost-effective roof installation that performs well and looks great for decades to come.

Energy Efficient and Environmentally Friendly

One of the most important qualities of any roofing material is energy efficiency. Because metal is highly reflective, bouncing UV rays off its surface as opposed to absorbing them like other materials, you will find that it is a preferred material in areas where heat is a concern. Its higher R-value means less heat is passed into the house, less energy is required to keep it cool, and your utility bills are lowered as well.

Metal is also environmentally friendly since it can be recycled after it has been removed by roof services. It then decomposes completely after disposal. Greater energy efficiency also means less pollution generated by power plants that supply the power to operate your air conditioners used to keep your home comfortable in the heat.

Safety Features

In addition to the other advantages of having a roof company install a metal system on your house, this type of roofing is also available in three different fire-resistance classes. In areas where wildfires are prevalent and sparks blown around by the wind can land on your roof and ignite the structure, metal is the best protection you can buy. Contrary to common misconceptions, metal roofs do not attract lightning, although grounding your metal roof in case of a strike is always a good idea.

With all of these qualities, it is not surprising that a metal roof installation is such an astonishing option for your home. When installed by a roof company experienced in working with this material, you will receive a cost-effective structure that should give you decades of great service and home protection.

Metal roofing is available from roof services in many attractive styles and colors and is one of the best decisions you could make to protect the investment you have in your home!

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