The roofing system on a home may seem like a simple structure; however, it is a structure requires proper installation, maintenance, and care to function correctly. There is a lot of misinformation regarding roofs and roof services, which can be detrimental to the way a roof is cared for. The best thing a homeowner can do regarding these common myths about roofs and roofing, is to get advice from an experienced roof company.

Flashing That Falls Off Does Not Have to Be Replaced - False!

This is possibly one of the biggest and most damaging roofing myths. Flashing is an essential part of every roof, protecting and waterproofing areas where corners and angles come together. When flashing falls off, the seams are exposed to the weather, allowing water to get through to the underlayment. Missing flashing and vent seals are directly responsible for most roof leaks.

Worst of all, when missing flashing allows water to get under the surface of a roof, any resulting leaks can cause substantial damage over time, which includes rotting of the roof structure. A roof company should replace missing flashing and seals as soon as they are discovered, and the roof should be checked for signs of leakage or other damage.

Gutters Are Not Part of the Roof - False!

Even though gutters are separate structures that are attached to the house itself, they are an integral part of the roofing system, protecting it and the rest of the house from serious water damage. Gutters must be properly positioned to catch water and allow it to flow away from the house, while preventing the ends of the roof from being submerged. Missing gutters cause damage to the house and roof structure.

Damaged, improperly installed, or clogged gutters can cause irreparable damage to the roof itself. Roof edges submerged under water that collects because the gutters are clogged allows the shingles, underlayment, and even the decking to become waterlogged. Snow and ice in the gutters can cause ice-damming, which can cause waterlogged shingles to freeze and lift off the roof surface.

Ignoring the gutters can cause immeasurable damage that requires expensive roof services. To avoid these potentially serious problems, homeowners should have gutters installed by an expert roof company, and maintain them by regular cleaning as necessary.

It's Okay to Lay A New Roof Over the Old One - False!

A new roof is an expensive purchase, but it is also an essential purchase. For the best performance of a roof that has been laid by a professional roof company, it is essential to remove the old roof first, despite what some roofers may say. Laying the new roof over the old one not only prevents the new roof from lying flat, but it does not actually reduce the possibility of leaks and other roofing trouble. It also does not reveal any existing damage that should be repaired by the roof company before the new roof is laid. If anything, it increases the chance of creating even bigger problems once leaks begin.

While re-roofing over an old roof can save a substantial amount of money initially, the amount of problems it could cause down the road frequently cancels out any savings. Homeowners usually end up with the need for even further roof services, which could cost even more than if the old roof had just been removed in the first place.

When it comes to roof services, homeowners should not believe all the myths. The three falsehoods referenced above, in particular, could leave homeowners dealing with expensive damage to their roofs. For the best advice on roofing, and roof maintenance, always talk to an experienced roof company. Companies who provide roof services always appreciate a homeowners business, but they also want to help homeowners get the most protection and value for their money!

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