A common concern of many homeowners like you is receiving inferior workmanship from hired roof services or even getting scammed by fly-by-night roofers.

These are legitimate concerns that you should be wary of considering the cost of roofing work today as well as how repair and installation mistakes can affect the longevity of your new roof.

If you wonder how to know if you’re dealing with a great roofing company that will do great work, look for these five critical items.

1. Long-Term, Local Company

When you need roof services, the best company to hire is one that’s locally established and has been around several years.

Reputation is everything in many industries, roofing being one of them.

You can avoid the fly-by-night scams and inferior roofers by starting out with a contractor who is known in your area and has a high local approval rating.

2. Clear, Detailed Work Estimate with a Pre-Audit

A reliable roofing company will always give you a detailed roofing estimate that will include everything from materials and time to disposal of waste plus any warranties included with the job.

Another thing that estimate should include is a detailed pre-audit of your existing roof.

A pre-audit documents the condition of your current roof, how it was done, what will be required to remove it to prepare your home for a new roof, and related details.

This is an important part of the overall estimate, so it should be spelled out in detail like everything else.

3. A Company That Follows Materials Manufacturer Procedures

Getting a full warranty on your roofing material requires an installation done according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Get a guarantee from the roofers you plan to hire that they follow each product manufacturer’s procedure and do a correct installation.

Done any other way, your materials warranty may be voided.

4. A Managed Crew That Is Paid Hourly

Another sign of a trustworthy roofing company that provides great work is a crew that is managed and supervised by someone who will inspect what the workers are doing daily and ensure they are doing quality work according to the required procedure.

Crews paid by the hour tend to work more slowly and pay more attention to details as opposed to those paid by the job who may try to rush to finish as quickly as possible.

5. A Lifetime Company Warranty on Workmanship

Roof services that know they do good work are willing to back that up by providing a warranty on their work.

Always choose a contractor who offers you a lifetime workmanship warranty on top of all the other warranties that may apply.

These contractors understand that the best way to avoid redoing their work is to do optimal work from the start.

To Get A Great Roof - Choose A Great Roofing Company

No matter what kind of roof services you need, the best way to get your money’s worth and avoid poor workmanship or being scammed is hiring a proficient and productive roofing company.

Look for these important indicators that you are dealing with reliable roofers who want to do great work for you and give you a roof that will last!

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