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Lightning can be dangerous and cause large amounts of damage. When lightning hits a home, damage can be especially serious, requiring extensive roof repair. Although there is not a huge likelihood that a serious strike will happen, many roof services who repair this type of damage have seen them happen frequently enough. Roofs that lack the proper lightning protection can suffer widespread damage as a result.

When Lightning Strikes

When lightning strikes, it seeks a path to the ground and may damage everything it passes through along the way. When it strikes a house, the amount of damage sustained commonly depends on whether or not there are properly grounded lightning rods installed. Many people have the idea that lightning rods attract lightning, making a house more likely to be hit, which is not really the case.

Lightning rods pull in a current that will strike the house or close to it, diverting the energy through the rod and to the grounded circuit, passing energy safely into the ground. The problem and the damage that requires extensive roof repair occurs when homes do not have any lightning protection.

Roof Damage Caused By Lightning

There are many different ways that lightning can damage a roof. If lightning strikes an unprotected roof, it can blow shingles or panels off the roof, blast a hole through the roof, and even catch roofing material and rafters on fire. Lightning is a major cause of roof fires that require emergency roof services. Lightning frequently knocks over trees, which fall on houses and damage the roofs. It often hits chimneys, with the resulting debris hitting the roof and causing destruction. Any time lightning strikes a roof or knocks something onto it, there is a possibility of considerable damage that may require roof repairs.

Keeping Roofs and Homes Safe from Lightning

Lightning strikes the tallest thing in its path as it passes to the ground, which is often a house or a tree near the house. Many homes in lightning-prone areas have lightning rods; however, it is essential for homeowners to be sure these rods are wired correctly and properly grounded. If rods are not properly grounded or wired at all, it can leave a house at risk for damage to the roof and other areas. Homes that do not have any sort of lightning protection should be equipped with a grounded lightning protection system to prevent such damage.

Another important protective measure against lightning is replacing wooden shingles with Class A fire resistant asphalt shingles or some other fireproof roofing such as tile or metal. These fire resistant materials can help reduce the chance of a fire even if a roof does sustain a lightning strike. If a strike should occur, even if everything on the outside of the home appears fine, always check inside the attic for embers that could start a fire. An inspection by experienced roof services should be scheduled to check for other possible damage.

Of all Mother Nature’s forces, lightning is the one that has the potential to be the most powerful and deadly. Thankfully, it is possible to protect homes and roofs from the deadly power of lightning and avoid expensive roof repair. With the right lightning protection system and general roof protection, homeowners can decrease the chance of their homes being struck and lessen damage if a strike does happen. Knowledgeable companies who offer roof services can help with roof protection and what to do in the event a roof is struck by lightning!

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