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When building or purchasing a new home, attention to detail is given to almost every aspect of both the interior and exterior. Every element is planned at the beginning, from the color of the walls to the material of the kitchen counters and the finishing. Yet one thing that people may not often think about is hiring roofers to install this structure since out of sight can sometimes be out of mind.

Roofs are essential to any home since without them there would be no shelter. This is why it is important to also consider quality to eliminate the need for roofer repair services. When having a new roof installed, one high quality material that is fast becoming an industry standard and favorite among roofer services is composite roofing. If you’re curious about what this is and whether it might be right for you, continue reading to learn more.

What is Composite Roofing?

According to experienced roofers, the word composite means something that is "composed" of a variety of different things. Composite roofing is essentially a shingle roofing system that is made up of various elements that have been blended and compressed. Materials often used in these shingles are  plastic, fiberglass, polyester, recycled paper, wood, and more.

These materials are bound together with the use of laminates or resin. Often they are covered in asphalt granules for UV protection and waterproofing, so they can also be considered asphalt shingles.

Asphalt shingles look pretty much like any other shingles, except they come in rectangular shapes that have three large notches cut out. When roofers install these shingles, the notches interlock, making this a fairly inexpensive and easy installation. Regardless, once the finished product is done, they can imitate the look of other roofing systems.

Advantages of Composite Roofing

Asphalt shingles tend to be more durable than others since they are synthetic and built to handle stress and extreme weather conditions up to a certain level. They can also slow down or even stop the spread of fire since they are flame-resistant.


There is not much maintenance when it comes to composite structures. Roofer repair services may be needed if shingles break or are missing; however, a simple replacement is all it takes to get the roof back in good shape. You may also need to call roofer repair services to remove algae buildup which could compromise the integrity of the roof. It is imperative not to try to power wash the structure yourself or you may cause damage.

Composite roof systems are becoming the choice for many these days and it’s easy to see why. With the many benefits they offer and few disadvantages, asphalt shingles really are the way to go. The important thing to always keep in mind is to hire experienced roofer services to do the installation so you can be sure your roof will last its full 30 to 50 year life expectancy!

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