With so many options in quality roofing today, it can be hard for homeowners to know which is the right one to have roofers install for them.

Beyond the questions of quality and affordability, some materials installed by roofer services are just more suitable for certain climates while others are not so suitable.

In Texas, the conditions that homeowners must consider when choosing roofing materials are the severe heat, strong bright sunlight, and extreme temperature fluctuations.

Thermal effects can easily shorten the lifespan of some less suitable materials, increasing the costs of roofing over the years.

Shingles may be the most popular and least costly option chosen by many homeowners; however, asphalt is not always the most cost-effective material considering the potential for thermal damage.

Roofer installation services find that there are other more durable and equally attractive materials for Texas homeowners to consider.

1. Metal

Metal is one of the most durable and thermal resistant materials that roofers in Texas can install on homes and buildings.

It is non-porous, making it long-lasting and reflective, which prevents UV rays from affecting the material or passing through and into the building.

Available in many attractive types, from standing seam panels to stamped metal shingle styles, roofer services have access to a multitude of metal roofing products that can mimic the look of other materials while offering the durability and thermal protection of metal.

2. Concrete

Concrete is a man-made material that consists of sand, ash, and other materials bound together with some type of binder or cement.

It is highly thermal protective, durable against UV rays, and also fire-resistant.

Formed into tiles or shingles and then baked, it creates a hard, resilient material that roofer installation services find to be especially suitable for the extreme heat and high sunlight conditions in Texas.

It can be sealed and painted to increase its UV resistance and thermal efficiency.

3. Terracotta, Clay, and Ceramic

Like concrete tiles, terracotta, clay, and ceramic tiles are also made with natural materials and then baked to create hard, thermally protective shingles and tiles like the characteristic S-tiles used in many types of Spanish-inspired architecture.

Roofers recommend these tiles as much as concrete since they offer the same protection and durability as concrete along with thermal resistance that keeps homes cooler while preventing the destruction of the material itself.

Terracotta, clay, and ceramic tiles can be sealed and painted like concrete or glazed during baking to produce beautiful heat and sun-resistant roofing.

4. Slate

Used as roofing material for centuries, slate installations done by roofer services are both functional and attractive.

It is highly thermal protective, absorbing heat without expelling it into a building, and is completely unaffected by UV rays.

It can withstand extreme weather and temperature changes without damage, although it does tend to chip around the edges.

Available in many shapes, styles, and colors, slate is a highly suitable material for Texas homes and recommended by many roofer installation services.

5. Solar

Designed to absorb the UV rays that damage most other materials, solar roofing is yet another option that can actually become more cost-effective as time goes on.

Available as traditional panels as well as various types of solar shingles, solar panels are protective, thermal protective, and generate energy at the same time.

Choose Suitable Roofing Material for Your Texas Home

When the time comes for a new roofing installation, Texas homeowners have many options to choose from in roofing materials.

The right ones for roofers to install are those that can withstand the damaging effects of the Texas heat and sun.

As such, Texas roofer services recommend natural materials like metal, clay, and concrete for their ability to stay cool in the heat and withstand UV damage!

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