Asphalt shingles are the most commonly used roofing material installed by roofing contractors today as they are durable. long-lived, and a cost-effective choice for many residential installations.

Available in many types, styles, and colors, the asphalt shingles now installed by roofing companies are becoming more energy efficient and even stylish as shingle technology and design improve.

Some of the reasons why asphalt shingles are so popular is they are easier for roofing services to install and lighter in weight than many other materials as well as much easier and less expensive to produce.

Made in multiple layers, the durability of today’s superior asphalt shingles lies in the construction process and the quality of the raw materials used to make them.

Layer 1 - Fiberglass Matting

The base of all asphalt roofing shingles produced today is a heavy felt-like mat made from fiberglass.

Previously, shingle mats were made from cellulose, paper, and other organic materials and therefore referred to as “organic shingles.”

Fiberglass mats are well proven to last longer and have become the material of choice for making the durable, longer-lasting, and more attractive shingles preferred by roofing companies and homeowners alike.

Installed properly, by experienced roofing contractors, some premium types even have a life expectancy of 40 years or more, which is nearly double that of the first generation of flat, one-dimensional asphalt shingles that were invented using this idea.

The fiberglass mats are flexible and more break-resistant and can be shaped, layered, and molded into dimensional shingles that take on the look of other more expensive materials like slate, wood shingles, and more.

Layer 2 - Ground Asphalt Blend

The next step in the shingle production process is the addition of an asphalt dust and filler blend, adding even more strength to the shingle as well as important waterproofing properties.

This aerated coating is applied to both sides of the fiberglass mat to protect the fiberglass while still allowing the shingles to flex and breathe, making them easier to cut.

Layer 3 - Crushed Rock Granule Coating

The exterior top coating visible on the asphalt shingles installed by roofing services is the ground granule coating applied to act as a final protector.

Made from finely ground rock, this dusting adds weather resistance to the asphalt and felt beneath it plus protects the underlying layers from UV damage.

Some premium shingle varieties are made with a rock dust that is ceramic coated to improve reflectiveness, which increases energy efficiency.

Granules are only applied to the top surface of the shingle; the bottom remains smooth other than the application of a light dusting of a back surface preparation that keeps the shingles from sticking together when stacked and packaged in bundles.

Reliable Roofing Is A Simple Idea

A top choice by most roofing companies, today’s asphalt shingles are made to last for decades.

An attractive choice for most homes, roofing contractors have access to many different grades and styles of shingles as well as options designed to be more energy-efficient, wind-resistant, fire-retardant, and handle other specific needs.

All of the shingles installed by roofing services start out the same way; however, there are three critical layers that support each other to become a convenient, cost-effective, easily installed roofing material!

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