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Hurricanes and other storms can wreak havoc on roofs. Roofing repair companies in storm-prone areas see the results of poor roofing every year. To prevent the need for extensive storm damage, homeowners in areas that face extreme weather should take the necessary steps to storm-proof their roofs. By doing this they can help ensure that even in the worst weather the roof, as well as the rest of the house, makes it through the storm intact.

Roof Wind Rating And Storm Survival

Different types of roofing are popular in different geographical areas because they have been proven to be efficient and weather resistant in that area. In regions where hurricanes and high wind events are prevalent, wind rating is a critical factor when deciding on roofing. Every type of roof and roofing installation method has a wind rating. Local building codes dictate minimum roof wind ratings for roof installations to ensure local homes are well protected.

Concerning wind rating, homes that are especially susceptible to damage in severe weather usually require a roof that can withstand winds of between 130 and 150 mph, such as today’s more advanced architectural shingles. Roofing materials with higher wind ratings are those that have been designed to prevent wind from getting underneath the shingles or panels, lifting them up, and peeling them off.

Where wind is concerned, the best stormproofing is a roof designed to handle the extreme winds that occur in severe weather.

Important Factors for Stormproof Roofs

Besides purchasing a roof that has a high wind rating, there are a few other things that homeowners can do to ensure their roof is ready for storm season and thus avoid unnecessary roofing repair.

  • The proper roofing application that includes the use of a storm rated adhesive is essential. This is especially true when installing roofs designed for storm durability.
  • Consider purchasing roofing that has a higher wind rating and has additional impact-resistant qualities. This can prevent or reduce damage that may occur from the roof being hit by flying debris. Some homeowners may even want to consider roof brackets and trusses that are designed for greater storm durability.
  • Schedule regular roofing inspections by an expert roofing repair company and perform proper roof maintenance for storm survival. Small problems such as one or two loose shingles or a tiny undetected leak could become an invitation for more severe damage during a storm.
  • Loose flashing, missing metal roof fasteners or screws, lack of stormproof roof edging, and other concerns mean roofs could be more easily damaged by severe weather.
  • Proper attic ventilation must be considered when stormproofing a roof, since the pressure that builds beneath a roof could cause the entire roof to blow off in extreme wind conditions.

Regardless of the type of roof used, homeowners must ensure roofers use the best materials possible and take proper precautions to provide good storm and wind resistance. 

It is important that homeowners in storm-prone areas have a durable roof, then take good care of it. Working with experienced roofing services that understand proper installation and the many other things that produce a storm-proof roof is essential. By taking these important steps ahead of time, homeowners reduce the likelihood that they could be making a call for expensive roofing repair in the future!

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