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Cleaning gutters is one of the most disliked and postponed roofing maintenance chores of almost every homeowner. Yet if you do not keep your water troughs clean, you could wind up calling a roofing contractor to help you deal with unexpected roofing problems. If you cannot stand the thought of going up on that ladder every spring and fall to clean out your gutters, why not give gutter screens a try?

What Are Gutter Screens?

Water trough screens are exactly what they sound like, screens that cover the top of your roofing gutters. These rigid mesh screens are made from aluminum and easily set into your gutters to protect them, almost eliminating the need for frequent gutter cleaning.

The screen mesh allows water coming off the roof to run into the gutter and flow to the downspout; however, it blocks leaves, twigs, and other solid material from entering the gutter. Inexpensive gutter screens reduce your roofing maintenance requirements and can be easily installed by a roofing contractor.

Why Install Gutter Screens?

There are quite a few advantages to installing these screens on your gutters:

  • Improve Water Flow to Your Gutters - Screens cover the tops of your gutters so that leaves and other debris cannot pile up and block them. While leaves and debris sit on the top of the screen, water from your roof passes through the screen and into the gutter. Even in heavy downpours, gutters with screens are more effective at handling the flow of water without backing up than those with no screens.
  • Prevent Costly Damage to Your Roof - Gutters that back up and overflow from being clogged with debris can cause expensive roof damage. Roofing edges submerged in water from gutter overflow can prematurely decompose, along with the underlayment and decking when the materials absorb water. Blocked gutters also rust faster than they should. Gutters filled with piles of damp, decomposing debris also attract insects in search of breeding areas, which can cause further damage to your gutters and roof.  
  • Reduce Yearly Home Maintenance - Installing helpful screens over the gutters means less time spent on roofing maintenance since you will not have to climb a ladder twice a year to handle messy cleaning. This also eliminates your risk of injury by falling from a ladder while cleaning your gutters. Other than having the screens checked when your roofing contractor performs a regular roofing inspection every two years or so, they require no other maintenance.

Rather than groaning at the thought of gutter cleaning and putting it off time and time again, why not install gutter screens? These fine mesh screens protect your roofing from the problems caused by clogged gutters and reduce your overall roofing maintenance. Even when installed by a roofing contractor, gutter screens quickly pay for themselves in convenience, time saved, and the prevention of issues that could negatively affect both your gutters and your roof!

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