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Metal roofs are strong, long lasting, and efficient, making them a popular choice for a roofing installation. Metal roofing can also be somewhat more expensive than other types of roofs. Some homeowners may be interested in metal roofing, but discouraged by the price. To determine whether a metal roofing installation may still be the right one despite the higher cost, homeowners should compare the benefits of this type of roofing with the costs to determine cost effectiveness.

The Many Benefits of A Metal Roof

Metal roofing is a popular and attractive option for many homeowners. This type of roofing is usually made from steel, aluminum, or copper and is available in sheets, panels, or shingles. When properly cared for, metal offers a long service life, sometimes lasting as long as one hundred years or more. Roofs made from metal are highly reflective, making them thermal-resistant and energy efficient. Some types of metal roofs even qualify for tax credits when they fit within certain government standards because they are considered to be “cool roofs” .

A metal roofing installation is lightweight, making it a great option that will not stress the roof structure itself. It also makes a reliable, watertight roof that easily sheds water and also frees itself of any snow accumulation. It is fire and insect resistant and may quality homeowners for insurance discounts for using metal. These benefits, combined with ease of installation and low maintenance requirements, make metal a preferred choice for many homeowners.

A Few Disadvantages with Metal Roofs

Naturally, there are always a few disadvantages when using certain types of roofing material, and metal is no exception. Other than the higher cost that may be twice the cost of a typical shingle installation, metal has a few other concerns homeowners should know about, specifically the noise level of metal roofs and the damage that can be caused by hail or other debris hitting the roof. Still, if a metal roof is properly installed, it should not be quite as noisy. If a metal roof does create too much noise, homeowners should discuss the problem with the installing contractor. Metal roofs may also require an occasional application of a protective coating to keep them free from corrosion and to help increase UV reflectivity.

Are Metal Roofs Worth The Price?

Although a metal roof does require a considerable initial investment, it is generally worth the high price. Because this type of roofing installation often lasts close to a century or longer, the initial investment is less expensive than the cost of re-roofing many times when using other types of roofing material. Metal roofs are especially worthwhile if a homeowner plans to keep their home for a significant amount of time, as they usually increase the resale value of a home because of the many potential benefits. The installation of a metal roof may also offer tax benefits and a considerable discount on homeowners insurance as well.

The biggest challenge many homeowners face with metal roofing installation is the initial cost. Metal roofs can cost twice as much as other types of roofing. Still, the many benefits that metal provides, combined with a considerable savings on homeowners insurance, can make this type of roofing a worthwhile investment. If a homeowner is considering a metal roof, discuss your needs with a roofer experienced in metal roofing installation!

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