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Some people love rain. It can cool down hot weather and be quite relaxing. The white noise that is the pitter patter of rain on the roof and the rolling of thunder in the distance can lull many to sleep. This can be relaxing on its own; however, things such as rain chains exist and can really make a difference in how much you enjoy rainy days.

What Are Rain Chains?

Originally from Japan where they are called Kusari Doi, rain chains are used to replace the usual downspouts you often see connected to gutters. Rain chains are usually made of three different parts.

  1. The bracket that connects it to the gutter.
  2. The rain chain itself.
  3. An optional basin at the bottom that anchors the chain and catches water at the same time.

There are different styles and designs of rain chains to choose from to accent both your roofing and house design.

Rain chains are both functional and aesthetic. They offer a beautiful alternative to usual downspouts with the additional bonus of sounding like a babbling brook or a flowing river - and sound even better when it rains. Rain chains are usually made of brass or copper. Both of these materials age over time and form a patina, which is often quite appealing.

How Do Rain Chains Benefit Roofing?

If you have already had your roofing inspected by a roofing company to ensure it is in proper working order, the next step to take is being sure of proper drainage. An expert roofing contractor will always advise to have gutters and drainpipes inspected to make sure they are working correctly so moisture properly drains from your roof. The reason is that water can cause damage to roofing with mold, pest infestations, and in the worst case scenario, structural weakening and damage.

Rain chains can replace downspouts and ensure that water is directed off your roofing. Seek advice from an experienced roofing company that can ensure rain chains are properly installed as improper installation can cause problems. Another important thing to note about rain chains is they may handle less water depending on the design. Use more than one or use them in tandem with traditional downspouts if you have ones that cannot handle much water.

Unfortunately, if the area where you live is too windy, you may not be able to use rain chains as they may blow around in the wind and not be able to efficiently work as desired. Always ask a roofing contractor before installing any type of rain chain if your roofing and gutters can accommodate them. Then enjoy their appearance and sound!

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