There are many different types of foam, with many different uses. Flexible polyurethane foam (FPF) is also used as roofing material and is popular in commercial roofing services. FPF has been used as a roofing material for at least 30 years. Despite this, there is a lot of misconception about the use of this product in commercial roofing and roofing repair. In actuality, FPF a very efficient, durable and useful material when used in commercial roofing services.

The Durability of Foam Roofing

There many myths out there which claim that FPF foam roofing is not durable, or that it can be easily damaged. Some of these myths even go as far to assert that it cannot be walked on, or that birds can peck holes in the roof, creating leaks that require roofing repair. The truth is that even though FPF may look like plain styrofoam, its composition is very strong and resilient when properly applied by professional roofing services. It would not be suitable as roofing material if this were not true.

Not only is it entirely possible to walk on any foam roof if it has been correctly applied and is in good condition, but birds will not peck holes in it. Birds will take advantage and peck at cracks and other flaws in an existing foam roof; but as long as the roof is kept in good condition, this is rarely a problem. Even if a pesky bird begins pecking away, this can be easily fixed, and the pecking stopped with a roof repair that is achieved by applying another coat of FPF to the damaged area to seal off any cracks or holes. Still, the trick is to always keep the roof in its best condition.

FPF Composition and Product Safety

Because foam roofing is a chemical compound, there are a lot of questions about its safety and how the toxicity of this material. Flexible polyurethane foam is made from the same ingredients as many plastics are, but using a different method. FPF is an inert material, and no more toxic than any other plastic material currently being used for many other products. It is plastic formed with many bubbles inside it, which is what creates the foam. The result is a thick, resilient material that does not compress like memory foam, as some believe, nor does it soak up water since the material is a “closed cell” foam. This means that all the bubbles stay inside the material and the top layer is always sealed, preventing compression, and the absorption of moisture.

Foam Roofing Affordability and Efficiency

Many people mistakenly believe that FPF is not only expensive, but that it does not really provide any real roofing efficiency, both of these ideas being false. Foam roofing has been proven to provide much greater energy efficiency than the alternative, foam board insulation installed under a large commercial roof.

It is also easier to install, easy to maintain, and any roofing repair is as simple as spraying on a new coat where there is damage. Also, in comparison to similar types of commercial roofing insulation services, foam costs about the same, but it lasts longer and provides greater efficiency. It is a cost-effective, long-term solution for commercial roofing needs.

Befor deciding that a foam roof is not worth considering, commercial building owners should do their research. Despite any misinformation, FPF roofing services are an affordable, durable option for roofing and roofing repair that can last decades when well-maintained!

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