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Asphalt shingles have been a preferred roofing material for decades, as they are very economical al and make durable roofs with a long service life. Today’s shingles are much different than the original, flat three-tab shingles that were invented when this type of roofing first became popular.

These modern architectural shingles have greatly advanced in both durability and looks and are being used by roof services across the globe. The material used in asphalt shingles can endure most climates and even withstand hurricane force winds when properly installed.

Early Asphalt Shingles - Good, But Not Great

At the time asphalt shingling was invented, it was a huge success because it was extremely affordable and reasonably durable. The old style three-tab shingles could last about 15 years, maybe a little longer; however, it was the ease of installation and availability, combined with affordability, that made them so popular.

Unfortunately, the main flaw with these shingles was their poor wind resistance. This has become especially evident within the last two decades, where over 90 percent of homes damaged in hurricanes and severe storms received some kind of damage to their roofs. A large percentage of those damaged roofs were three-tab asphalt shingle roofs.

Modern Advances in Asphalt Shingle Technology

More advanced shingles can last up to 50 years or more in many cases and are very wind resistant, easily making three-tab flat shingle roofs obsolete. These newer and more durable shingles are being referred to as architectural shingles and roof services everywhere understand the many benefits of using these safer shingles.

Designed for more secure attachment, architectural shingles are not tabbed at all and require more nails to hold them down. They have also been developed to be more weather resistant and lay tighter and flatter, preventing air from getting under the shingle and lifting it up.

Architectural shingles are made from more durable material. They look nicer than flat, three-tab shingles, are thicker and more fitted, reducing wind damage while increasing water tightness. Some architectural asphalt shingle roofs are rated to withstand hurricane-force winds up to 150 mph, quite difference from three-tab shingles rated for 50 mph.

Careful Application for Best Asphalt Shingle Roof

Architectural shingles are the standard shingles used by most roof services today, since these shingles far surpass the quality and performance of three-tab shingles. Yet for the most durable and storm-proof roofs, roof services must still practice careful roof installation as recommended by the manufacturer. This includes applying the right number of nails in the right places according to the installation instructions and applying a good shingle adhesive to improve wind resistance.

When installed properly by experienced roof services, today’s long-lasting asphalt architectural shingles remain secure and watertight for many years. Although these shingles may be more expensive than their predecessors, they last longer in terms of longevity and durability, providing a greater value. Architectural asphalt shingles offer homeowners many options in shape, size, and color. Considering the many options and advantages over older asphalt roofs, it is easy to see how today’s architectural asphalt shingles have become a staple roofing material for roof services everywhere!

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