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Damage from hail is one of the many roof problems that homeowners in Texas should recognize. When hail damage goes undetected for long periods, it can result in extensive damage to roofs and require costly roof repairs. The best way to protect your structure is by learning how to recognize hail damage so you can call for roof services when you see it.

Hail Damage to Asphalt Shingles

Although severe hail damage to asphalt roofs can be obvious to detect, it is the less severe damage that requires a closer look. After a storm has passed, start by looking for missing shingles and areas where the underlayment or decking is showing through where a shingle has been broken.

Next look for shingles that are cracked, chipped, or seem shifted from the straight, uniform rows of shingles. Pay careful attention to the surface of the shingles, looking for dimples and dents, malformations, areas where the edges have curled up, or scuffs and scrapes.

Lastly, check to see if your gutters have granules and grit from the asphalt coating sitting in the bottom. If you notice any of these things, you should make a call to roof services who can do a closer inspection to determine whether you need roof repair.

Hail Damage to Metal Roofs

Finding hail damage on metal roofs is easier since it appears as more obvious dents and dings in the metal panels. Yet besides looking for those dings, you should also check for loosened fasteners. Even if the panels are not affected, fasteners hit by hail can loosen, leaving openings for water to get under the structure. If these small leaks go undetected for some time, they can cause a great deal of damage under the metal panels that later requires expensive and preventable roof repairs.

Other Important Signs of Roof Hail Damage

Your shingles and metal panels are not the only part of your roof that can be damaged by hail. When inspecting for hail damage, be sure to look at the other areas that could be damaged as well:

  • Metal Trim - Check all metal trim, vent boots, flashing, and other parts to ensure they have not been bent, loosened, or broken in any way.
  • Ridge Cap - Inspect the ridge cap and vent to ensure neither has been dented or broken or impeded in any way.
  • Chimney - Look at the condition of the entire chimney as well as the flashing around the base. If you see damage to your brick or stone chimney or problems with chimney flashing, arrange for roof services to determine if you need repairs. A metal chimney or chimney cap might be dented just like any other metal components.

Hail in Texas can damage roofs in many ways. Even if your roof has not sustained obvious damage during a storm, it is important that you know where to look to find the not-so-obvious problems that need attention from roof services. Always check your roof carefully after a storm that produced hail. If you see any of the signs noted above, arrange for necessary roof repairs as soon as possible to prevent additional damage from happening!

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