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Roofs are generally made to last 10 to 12 years at the very least. In fact, some structures have advertised lifespans that go into the decades barring freak accidents and extreme weather.

Many factors affect how long a roof lasts, including things outside a homeowner’s control like exposure to the elements and weather events. How long a structure lasts is also affected by what a homeowner does, such as roof maintenance and routine inspections.

In some cases, roofs can last even longer, although not usually without running into some type of problems needing roof services. Here are some factors that can impact how long a structure remains in serviceable condition.

Exposure To The Elements

Your roof is the first line of defense against the elements and provides shelter from the outdoors although constantly exposed to weather elements. This can take a toll on the structure over a long period of time, causing roofing materials to deteriorate or be damaged.

One thing in particular that causes a lot of damage are sudden changes in temperature, like cold rain on a very hot day. On a really hot day, a roof absorbs all the radiating heat from the sun. Sudden, cold rain causes the material to cool rapidly, creating flexing in the roofing material that was not meant to be flexible. This can produce cracks and gaps that can cause leaks.

Moisture damage is another thing to watch out for when trying to make your roof last as long as it should. It is important to prevent moisture from pooling on top of or inside the structure since it can cause many problems that can be even more difficult to deal with, like mold.

Materials Used

What type of materials the roof services company used in the installation of a housetop also makes a big difference. All the various materials that are available for roofs are suited for different climates and situations.

If the materials used are not appropriate for that area's climate, you may experience problems with your roof earlier than expected.

Installation Workmanship

Another big factor in the lifespan of a roof is the workmanship provided by the roof services company during installation. Mistakes made while the roof system is being installed can take years to appear. This is why it is important that contractors provide a workmanship warranty for a longer period of time.

Maintenance Habits

Roof maintenance is yet another important factor in how long a roof will last. With regular inspections and maintenance, repairs can be performed to help prevent increasing damage that can shorten the service life of roofs.

There are other factors that can affect the lifespan of roofs such as extreme weather and acts of God. By choosing the proper materials and performing the proper maintenance, prolonging the service life of a roof should be a breeze!

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