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Roofs And The Breathable Silica Dust Threat!

There are hazards in every industry and the roof repair industry is no different. Roofers, whether working on new construction or performing roof replacement services, may be exposed to dangerous substances every day. One such substance is silica dust.

Breathable silica dust is a real threat to many contractors including those who [...]

Bold and Beautiful Roofing Trends for 2018!

In the same way that fashion styles, popular music, and even catchphrases go through trends, home architecture, remodeling, and residential roofing also do this. This year, roofing services are seeing a growing interest in a number of roofing trends as owners of new and existing properties are investing more in certain [...]

Take Roofers Advice On How To Prevent Early Roof Aging!

The roof on a home has a lifespan. This may vary depending on the type of roofing material used, the conditions it is exposed to day in and day out, how well it is installed by roofers, and how it is maintained. Yet there are many things you can do to [...]

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