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Fall Roofing Schedule – Critters May Be Nesting!

Every fall as you begin preparing your home for winter, other creatures are preparing their homes as well.

Unfortunately, some of these little critters have an affinity for turning your roofing into their warm, cozy spot during the cold season.

As harmless as they may seem, wild animals can cause [...]

Installing A New Roof – Making Sure It’s Done Right!


When the time comes to install a new roof, it is a big job, and one that can cost quite a bit of money. To ensure that a roof has a full service life, and is installed with the highest quality materials and workmanship, homeowners must make [...]

Roofing Repair and Meeting Emergency Needs!


When storm season hits, the possibility of roof damage becomes very real for homeowners - especially those who live in more storm-prone areas. If there is substantial damage to a roof, where it is no longer waterproof, or where the damage has caused holes, this is cause [...]