Sustainability, efficiency, and environmentally friendliness are important topics today, and things that many manufacturers are taking into consideration, with better product designs that aid sustainability. The idea of sustainability is also an important one where roofing services are concerned, since roofing choices can help or harm the environment in a variety of ways. So what, exactly, is a sustainable roof? As any experienced roof company can attest, there are multiple answers to that question.

Sustainability and Roofing Options

Businesses that offer roofing services assert that sustainability and efficiency are concepts that apply to roofing in a number of different ways. Some factors that are considered include:

  • The materials required to make roofing products;
  • How those products are made;
  • What effects those roofing products have on energy efficiency; and,
  • Whether roofing products can be recycled.

Another consideration when determining sustainability is how a roof can be most efficiently used to either save or produce energy and resources, in various forms. Because sustainable roofing actually includes many different things, there is no single type of sustainable roofing; rather multiple types of sustainable roofs that are efficient in a variety of ways.

Different Types of Sustainable Roofs

Roofing companies experienced in sustainable roofing explain that the two main aspects of sustainability that all of these roofing types have in common is: 1) the way they save energy; or, 2) the way they create energy. Sustainable roofing is frequently termed as “green” roofing because of the way in which it applies to environmental living; but there are actually a number of "colors" associated with different types of sustainable roofs, as referenced below: 

  • Cool White or Warm Dark Roofs - Reducing energy costs, whether due to heating or cooling, is an important factor for those living in especially hot or cold climates. Combined with adequate insulation, cool reflective roofs, and roofs made of thermo-protective materials that reduce absorption of heating UV rays, provide great savings on energy costs. Similarly, in areas where keeping warmer is more important, darker roofs that absorb heat in cooler months have the same effect.
  • Solar Black Roofs - Using the space available on the roof as a mount for solar panels and cells, these “green” roofs aid in the production of clean and free energy, while reducing reliance on other energy production.
  • Green or Living Roofs - Living roofs are becoming popular on buildings with flat roofs as a way to make use of otherwise barren space. Turned into beautiful viewing gardens, or even gardens to grow food, green roofs not only grow vegetation, but also help clean the environment through the absorption of CO2. Additionally, they reduce the amount of water that flows into sewers, adding to wastewater disposal concerns.
  • Water-Collecting Blue Roofs - Roofs that collect rainwater are also sustainable in various ways. Whether the water is used for watering vegetation, building maintenance, or for other reasons, collecting rain and runoff water provides many benefits, while also reducing the draw from the ever-shrinking, clean drinking water resources. This method of water conservation is used in many urban cities throughout the world today, and is growing in popularity as sustainable roofing becomes more important.

Roofs are an essential part of every home and every building. Today, roofing also plays an important part in helping the world become more sustainable. By using different methods, buildings can become much more energy efficient, and even produce energy, grow food, and clean the air through the use of sustainable roofing methods. To learn more about sustainable roofing services, and how any home can become more energy efficient and environmentally friendly through better roofing, contact a roof company with knowledge in these types of roofs, today!

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