Before attempting to repair or install a roof without professional help, a homeowner must understand the various ways the most popular roofs must be installed to know whether they can actually do it themselves. Usually, for the best, most thorough and protective roofing job, an experienced roofing installation is necessary. This is also why it is important to work with the best residential or commercial roofing company possible. Roofing is expensive, and requires a huge amount of effort to install most of the time. Therefore, the object is always to do it correctly the first time. Knowing this, following are some details about installing different types of roofing, and which ones are definitely not the best DIY candidates.

Asphalt or Rubber Shingle

Installing shingles may seem fairly easy, but in reality it actually requires a bit of precision. Creating the best, most waterproof barrier is dependent upon things such as how the shingles are laid and where they are nailed. This makes using an experienced roofing installation company for the job most preferable. Shingles can also take quite some time to install, although this time tends to decrease with experience. This job also requires special tools for a correct installation.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is easier to install, but some experience in roofing installation is required for the best job. This includes an understanding of the various methods required for keeping the sheets of metal roofing leak-proof. Because these are unsealed roofs, staying watertight depends on ensuring the roof is joined properly, and also depends on the type of metal roof. Additionally, metal roof installation requires a significant investment in certain specific tools.

Clay or Cement Tile Roofs

The longevity of a clay or cement tile roof depends specifically on the expertise used in its installation, and the way in which this roof is fastened. A clay roof can last 100 years or more, or can start to fall apart in only 10 years if not properly installed. Therefore, clay or cement tiles are one of those types of roof that are highly desirable in certain regions, but should definitely be installed by a well-seasoned roofing installation company for the best, most long-lasting results.

Flat Roofing

There are quite a number of ways a flat roof can be installed - some of them quite simple, and others more challenging. Built-up, rolled and heat-fit roofs are generally easy installations, and might be acceptable DIY projects. Although there are other types that, while they are inexpensive and fairly simple, create other concerns. Many flat roof installations involve roof tar, which is messy and smelly, and if not properly applied can leave a roof exposed to leaks. Modified Bitumen rolls are easy to put down, but when not properly prepared, the peel-and-stick type may not stick as well. The torch-down method is quite dangerous, as this material is extremely flammable, and should only be installed by a trained roofer, working for a reputable residential or commercial roofing company!

Slate Roof

A slate roof is somewhat similar to clay or cement tiles, but this another job that requires extensive know-how. If not installed properly, it will result in premature breakage of the shingles, and poor roof protection. Working with slate is almost an artisan craft, even when used for roofing, so it is another method that is always best left for not just a good roofing installation company, but one experienced in working with slate.

While there are some homeowners who are extremely capable, and can easily learn what to do, and how to install certain types of roofs on their own, it is important to understand which jobs are always best left to the professionals. Even a simpler installation can turn into a nightmare if not properly executed. Therefore, in most cases, unless an owner has some roofing experience, the most efficient and cost-effective method in the long run is usually to hire an experienced roofing installation company. Choosing to use a professional roofing company not only removes the risk of injury the average, untrained homeowner faces when working on their own roof, but it also ensures they will have an experienced roofing installation, done by roofers who will always do the best possible job!

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