When storm season hits, the possibility of roof damage becomes very real for homeowners - especially those who live in more storm-prone areas. If there is substantial damage to a roof, where it is no longer waterproof, or where the damage has caused holes, this is cause for immediate repairs! But what about the time in between when the damage occurs and a residential roof repair company can get out to fix it? This time is critical, especially if it is still raining. To prevent even more damage from occurring, some quick, emergency repairs may be necessary.

Minor and Temporary Emergency Repairs

Although every roof repair need is a type of emergency; sometimes, if there is very minor damage, a quick fix will do until the time is convenient for the best roof repair services to come out and make the proper repair. Following are a few things that can be done to quickly fix a roof before an experienced residential roof repair company arrives:

  • Quick Tin Fix – This method is best used to cover up small holes where leaks have formed. It is done by putting a piece of tin flashing under the leaking shingle, or over the leaking spot in any type of roof, then lightly tacking it down with a few roofing nails. This patch job should only be seen as a temporary covering, and a proper repair by a residential roof repair company should be done as soon as conveniently possible to prevent any further damage, and to make the roof watertight again.

  • Temporary Tarping - For larger areas, or as a way to cover a damaged area as quickly as possible - temporarily covering the roof with a tarp is a homeowner’s best option until the repair can be made. This should be done by draping a tarp that is large enough over the roof’s ridge so that it extends over the damaged area. The tarp should then be affixed with two-inch screws and large washers, through each grommet on the edge of the tarp, and screwed into the roof decking. This repair is definitely temporary, and should remain in place for the shortest time possible.

Major Emergency Repairs

When the damaged sustained is more than just a few shingles that hve blown off, or a small leak in the roof - or if it will be quite a while before an experienced residential roof repair company can make a permanent repair - a more substantial patch is necessary. Large holes and/or broken trusses caused by something falling through the roof, large areas of peeled off shingles, or damage to decking all require something more than a tacked down tarp to prevent additional damage.

To begin, the damaged area should be covered with ⅝-inch exterior grade plywood, which should be screwed to the decking with two-inch wood screws. The plywood will act as a support surface for the next layer, which is a heavy-duty tarp. This should be draped over the ridge of the roof and over the plywood area. Secure the tarp with 1” x 3” strapping on top of all edges, then screwing through the strapping and the tarp, and onto the decking. Doing this makes a better seal to keep water from getting under the tarp until a real repair can be made by a good roof repair services company.

Nobody expects to have their roof damaged to the point where an emergency call to a residential roof repair company is necessary. Yet being prepared to make a quick repair is always a good thing. Therefore, a homeowner who has the ability to carefully get to the damaged area and cover it, is able to take an important step towards minimizing the damage to their home until it can be correctly repaired by an experienced residential roof repair company. Keeping the items referenced above on hand for just such an emergency, especially in areas where storms are frequent, is recommended until the best roof repair services company arrives and is able to properly take care of the damage that has occurred!

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