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One of the great qualities of metal roofing is that a qualified roofing company can install it very quickly, usually much faster than the installation of shingles. The ease at which roofing services can put on a new metal roof may have you thinking you can DIY and save money on the cost of labor. Unfortunately, this savings usually comes with a price tag, including costly roofing repairs.

As simple as the installment of a metal roof may look, doing it correctly requires precision and experience. The reasons below explain more as to why this job is better left to a skilled contractor.

1. Poor Fastener Installation

Fasteners used to attach metal systems to a roof are different than the nails used to attach asphalt shingles. A trained roofing company knows how many fasteners to use, where to set them, and how tightly to set them to prevent the panels from being too loose, backing out, or allowing water through to corrode them along with the metal panels.

Loose fasteners can also increase the chance of your roof suffering wind damage. Fastener problems and the damage they cause are a common issue with many DIY installations that later require roofing repair.

2. Poorly Fitted and Attached Flashing

In addition to poor fastener setting, many roofing services encounter DIY installations that have experienced damage due to poorly installed flashing. Flashing is the most important component used for covering the edges of the roofing material in corners and around protrusions.

When it is poorly attached or not properly fit, water can leak below the flashing and damage the underlayment and decking.

3. Overuse of Sealants

When a metal system is properly installed by an experienced roofing company, it uses relatively little in the way of a gap sealant. Panels and flashing that are well fit and properly installed become watertight on their own, requiring minimal sealing.

DIYers commonly resort to filling gaps and areas where water can get through with caulk or trying to adhere panels in other ways. This method does not work and only promises extensive damage that will require costly roofing repairs as time goes on.  

4. Improper Materials Selection

Besides the challenges mentioned above, many DIY structures have other problems related to a bad choice of materials. Mixing metal batches can result in colored panels fading unevenly over time. Metal that is too thin for the application can result in unsightly waviness called "oil canning," which is an obvious sign of an improper material choice.

Professional contractors are experts in choosing materials that will not only hold up properly throughout their service life, but will remain attractive the entire time.

5. Voiding the Materials Warranty

Another important detail that you may not have thought about is the fact that a DIY installation could void the manufacturer’s warranty on your materials. Metal panels and components are warranted only when installed by expert roofing services.

In the event the panels corrode prematurely or you experience some other failure, you will not be able to appeal to the manufacturer about materials replacement or any damage that results due to the failure.

If you are planning to install a metal roof on your house or building, it is best to hire an experienced roofing company to handle it for you. You are assured a proper installation by qualified roofing services professionals who know all the intricacies of installing these systems and will do the best job. This is your best protection against costly roofing repair and the right way to get a full service life from your metal roof!

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