There was a time when most roofs were a standard color based on the type of roofing material used. Today, due to demand and advances in roofing technology there is a good selection of colors for a roof that any good roofing company can install. With the ability to customize homes, including the roof, today’s homeowners should consider the many color options before hiring the roofers to come out to do the work. They should also consider the various ways in which this color can affect their homes, too.

Roof Color Is More Than Just Color

The color of a person's roof can reflect their personality and expressiveness. A home with a different color roof stands out from the crowd, making it more attractive than its more plain neighbors and giving it curb appeal. Yet it can also bring attention to a home in an unwanted way, so choosing the right color for the roofing company to install, when deciding to bypass the tried and true, is important. Homeowners must carefully consider things such as the architectural style and color of their house, as well as whether or not they can use non-standard colors in their neighborhood.

Choose Complimentary Colors

A house can look exceptional with a non-standard roof color, when it compliments the building style as well as the exterior and trim colors. Just like clothing, certain roof colors (such as black and gray), go with almost any color or style of house. Still others, like dark blues, greens, and reddish or rust, look best on homes with the same color exterior, just in a different shade. A dark exterior is complimented by a slightly lighter roof, while a light exterior favors a slightly darker roof. Brick or stone, in various shades, compliments well with one color or shade from those variations used for the roof color. Muted tones are recommended, but this is not to say that going bold cannot also look great, just as long as the colors are complimentary. Be sure to also consider what is traditional for the architectural style when thinking of non-standard colors.

Light Versus Dark Roofing

One important factor to consider when choosing a roof color is its thermal effect. Light roofs are cooler, while dark roofs are warmer. If keeping a home cooler in the summer is more important than keeping it warmer in winter, a lighter roof color is more suitable, and vice-versa. Yet when roofers use good insulation, ventilation, and radiant barriers, even a darker roof can be made more energy efficient in a warmer climate. As an added effect, light color roofing can help a home seem larger, while darker roofing may make it seem smaller.

Color and Home Resale Value

In some circumstances, a roof that is a different color from the standard or different from others in the neighborhood, could affect resale value. Some buyers may not be interested in a home with a brighter roof, for the attention it could bring to the home. On the other hand, some other buyers might be thrilled with it. Whether or not a different color roof may be a selling point or not is hard to say. Homeowners should at least recognize the possibility of a lower resale value before committing to a non-standard color roof.

There are countless color options available in roofing today, giving homeowners exciting new choices to think about. Yet a roof is a very expensive purchase, so understanding not only which colors will look best, but how color can affect a home in various ways, is essential. For the best roof, and the best looking house, discuss roofing material and colors with a roofing company that has experience in the installation of different colored roofs. Ask roofers for reference photos of local homes with these roofs to help get a feel for how a non-standard color will look. After careful consideration, homeowners can achieve an attractive look by choosing the best roof color for their house, whether it is a standard choice or a colorful one!

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