In the same way that fashion styles, popular music, and even catchphrases go through trends, home architecture, remodeling, and residential roofing also do this.

This year, roofing services are seeing a growing interest in a number of roofing trends as owners of new and existing properties are investing more in certain ideas.

Whether you’re in need of roofing repair or an entire new installation in 2018, consider these popular trends to achieve a functional and attractive roof.

Environmentally Friendly Roofing on the Rise

One of the biggest trends heading into 2018 is the move toward a more environmentally friendly home. Since more energy-efficient solutions including roofing have become available, homeowners have been anxious to add them.

Green and white systems, solar panel systems, and roofs made from environmentally-friendly products like recycled and sustainable materials are becoming more popular as the technology behind these products has improved.

With more people appreciating the benefits of lower utility bills, a smaller carbon footprint, and environmental kindness, roofing services are installing more of these products each year.

Bold, Beautiful Roof Colors Are Catching On  

With homeowners looking for new ways to achieve curb appeal and make their homes stand out in a tasteful way, many are turning to their roofs to get the most bang for their buck.

Plain, traditional colors have fallen by the wayside as roofing repair and installation services are finding the demand for more intense colors steadily rising.

Materials manufacturers have answered this call with the production of shingles and other roofing systems in deeper reds, brighter blues and greens, and whiter whites.

Roofing services are also installing more copper, titanium, and stainless structures as the demand for more natural and organic-looking materials has also risen. Dull, common earth tones are definitely on the way out.

New Respect for Residential Flat Roofs

As functional as they are, flat roofs have never been particularly desirable in residential architecture primarily due to the plain and even unattractive appearance of the roof itself.

Fortunately, homeowners now have many new products and roofing repair techniques available that can turn a flat roof into a more stylish one to improve the overall look and design of their homes.

From advanced metal and fiberglass products that mimic the look of more traditional materials to solar and green roof ideas, flat structures no longer have to be unattractive or detract from the rest of the home.

Moving Foward

If this is the year to tackle your roofing repair or have a new roof installed, think about these great trends in roofing.

By working with experienced roofing services familiar with all the new products and ideas, you can find a great option where your home stands out from the crowd, is more energy efficient and environmentally friendly or that changes its look altogether.

Let 2018 be the year for a new home when you install one of these trendy and attractive roofs!

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