Roofing replacement is a big job. Depending on the size of a house, roofing can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to complete. Having contractors, dumpsters, and other equipment all over for that long can be challenging for any homeowner, who surely would like to see the work done as quickly as possible. To achieve this, homeowners must plan their roofing replacement ahead of time. Planning any major roofing work for the right time of year will ensure that life at home is disrupted as little as possible, and the work gets done as quickly as it can be done.

When Not to Get A Roof Installed

There are good times during the year to have a roofing replacement; however, there are also not so good times as well. The two worst times to get any kind of substantial roofing job done are during the heat of the summer, and in the winter. Roofing is a job that is comprise of mostly sweat and manpower, so doing this kind of work in extreme heat is not only more dangerous, but it will probably take longer to complete. The high heat can also soften shingles and other roofing materials, allowing them to be easily damaged and affecting the way they attach to the roof.

Yet winter is also not a suitable time for major roofing work, either. Working in cold weather can be just as challenging as working in hot weather, and the materials become equally affected. Cold temperatures stiffen shingles and thicken adhesives, making application of these materials more difficult and increasing the chance of a poor application.

The Best Times for Major Roofing Work

The best time to have any major sort of roofing work done is when the weather is mild and the chance of rain is low, usually late spring or early summer, and into the fall. Homeowners will have to estimate, based on their usual local weather patterns; but these two times of year provide the best conditions for good roofing work. Late spring and early summer provides enough warmth that shingles and supplies will not be affected by the cold. Fall roofing replacements can be done after the blistering heat of summer has passed, and before the bite of winter sets in.

While every location is different, the busiest season for most roofers is late summer and into fall. Homeowners should take this into consideration when planning their roofing job, and talk to their roofer about their busy season. Late spring and early summer are not usually as busy, making this a good time to schedule roofing work as long as the weather cooperates. And, in some climates with milder winters, roofing work can continue longer into the fall and start earlier in the spring, too.

There is one important point to consider however, when thinking about scheduling a major roof repair or a roofing replacement in the spring. Depending on the extent of the damage to the roof, waiting through the winter, until spring arrives may not be such a good idea. If the damage warrants, it may be better to get the work done in the fall and before winter begins. If this is the local busy season, homeowners will need to plan accordingly and schedule well in advance to get their job penciled in.

The time of year that major jobs, like a roofing replacement, are performed is an important consideration when scheduling roofing work. Seasonal conditions can affect not just the speed at which the job is performed, but certain temperatures can affect roofing materials, ultimately affecting the quality of the roofing job. Spring, early summer, late summer, and fall are the most preferable times to schedule a roofing replacement. Above all else, homeowners should communicate with their roofers and plan well ahead to ensure their replacement is done at the most preferred time!

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