A new roof is a costly, yet essential investment in home ownership. To protect this investment, homeowners must take proper care of their roof, and prevent the need for a roof repair on their residence, as much as possible. Proper and timely roofing maintenance, provided by an experienced roofing services company is the key to a roof that not only lasts its full service life, and but in reduced roofing expenses, as well.

Regular Gutter Cleaning

Clogged gutters are a main, yet often overlooked cause of roof damage that become a significant issue over time. When gutters fill with dirt and debris that impedes water flow, water can pool up and submerge the edges of the roof. When this happens, often the roofing material itself will absorb the excess water and stay wet longer. This contributes to rotting shingles and damage to underlying roof layers. It can even damage structural parts of the roof, like the rafters. Gutters should be cleaned out at least twice a year, or more frequently if they fill with debris more often.

Clear Away Leaves

Leaves left lying on a roof for an extended period of time prevent it from drying out, while encouraging rot, mold, and moss growth on its surface. Moisture will eventually seep under the top roofing material when the roof is not able to dry out between periods of rain or snow, causing decay to begin. If leaves, or other organic matter cannot be easily removed by working from the ground, it is recommended that homeowners hire professional roofing services to climb onto the roof and sweep or wash them away so that roofs can breathe and dry out after their removal.

Prune Trees Close to the House

Trees can cause other damage to a roof, besides dropping leaves onto it. When branches come in contact with a roof and repeatedly brush against it, they can cause damage to the protective top layer on roofing shingles, or even loosen them. Scratches, scrapes, and loosened shingles are an invitation for moisture problems and decay. Keeping trees trimmed back so branches do not contact, or grow over a roof is the best defense against both physical damage from the branches, or the leaves that fall in autumn.

Prevent Ice Damming

Water from melting snow that gets under the edges of shingles and then refreezes is called ice damming. This process can be quite destructive to a roof as it may loosen shingles due to the expansion of the ice. This can later invite other problems, like leaking, decay, and air getting under shingles, which can cause them to blow off. The best way to prevent ice damming is to clear snow off of shingled roofs so it does not partially melt, and then refreeze. A company who provides roofing services can clear away the snow if conditions are too dangerous for the homeowner to climb onto their own roof for the removal.

Pay Attention

Above all else, the most important maintenance any homeowner can provide to keep their roof in the best shape possible is to pay attention, especially after bad weather. Inspect roofs after severe storms, or if something has hit the roof, to check for damage. If any damage is found, have it repaired by a residential roof repair service immediately.

Although the roof is often out of sight, way up where it is difficult to see everything going on, it should never be out of mind. Homeowners who want to ensure their investment lasts, and that they get a full service life from their new or existing roof, must observe, inspect, and provide the best roofing services to keep the need for repairs low. If any damage does occur, working with an experienced residential roof repair company is important. By staying one step ahead of the roof through proper maintenance, homeowners will have a much lower risk of the need for roofing repairs in the future!

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