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The roof over your home is one of the most critical parts of the entire building. To ensure it stays in great shape, it is important to schedule regular inspections with a professional roofing contractor. Even though you may not notice obvious problems that require roofing repair, inspections by skilled roofing services are essential to help prevent future damage that could become quite costly.

Why Professional Roof Inspections?

Inspections performed by a professional roofing contractor are important for a number of reasons, such as the following:

  • Assess Condition - First and foremost, a roofing service will thoroughly examine your entire roof to assess its condition. By doing so, they can estimate the remaining lifespan of your roof in its current condition. When you know this, you can plan for the time when you will need to replace your roof.
  • Look for Damage - Professional contractors also look for existing signs of damage, some of which may be difficult to find without a trained eye. They will carefully inspect all materials as well as the exterior of your roofing structure to look for sagging and any structural damage. Your attic will then be inspected to look for evidence of leaks and ventilation issues. If they see any concerns, contractors will make suggestions regarding roofing repairs that need to be done.  
  • Suggest Preventive Maintenance - Last of all, when a professional contractor inspects your roof, you will be provided with important maintenance tips based on the current condition of your roof. Experienced roofing services understand the various parts of a roof that can be damaged and what you can do now to prevent this from happening. This information is essential for you to get a full service life from your roof by reducing issues that could result in the need for expensive roofing repair.  

When Should Your Roof Be Professionally Inspected?

To keep your roof in great shape, it is recommended that you have an inspection done by a professional roofing contractor every two to three years or as often as your roofing warranty requires. Failure to perform these inspections could void your materials warranty. In addition to these routine inspections, there are also a few other times when you should have a contractor come and inspect your home.

Always have your roof inspected after a major storm like a hurricane or tornado, especially if hail was involved. Hail damage that goes unnoticed for a long time can result in widespread and costly destruction once finally detected. You should also have a professional inspection done prior to selling your home to ensure it is in good condition and right after a new installation to ensure it was done correctly.

Before you decide that you do not actually need an inspection by professional roofing services, consider the many important things those checkups accomplish. While it is always important for you to keep an eye on your roof so you can detect visible damage as soon as it happens, a roofing contractor is trained to find any hidden problems you cannot see. Routine professional inspections help you keep your home in great shape and reduce your need for costly roofing repairs!

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