Attractive roofs can make a house really stand out in a neighborhood. There are many different materials that are used in roof installation today; but none is as timely and unique looking as copper. Copper is available in multiple styles and makes a durable roofing material, giving any house character that changes over time while still remaining attractive. For truly beautiful roofs that can improve the appearance of any home, copper is a long-lasting, environmentally friendly option that homeowners will love.

The Benefits of Copper Roofing

Metal roofs are some of the longest lasting roofs around. Metal is waterproof, extremely durable, and requires relatively little maintenance in comparison to other roofing materials. Copper roofs offer these same great benefits, as well as many others, making it a prime choice in a roofing installation.

Surpassing the longevity of most other metal roofing, copper can last for hundreds of years if it is properly cared for. Occasional cleaning requires little more than some basic household ingredients like lemon juice, vinegar and salt and a soft roof brush. It is also extremely lightweight, as well as environmentally friendly. Copper is not only recyclable, but it is also an element found in the earth and will decompose after time. It is even possible to make new copper roofing out of old copper roofing, a quality that no other roofing material possesses.

The Beauty of Copper Roofing  

All these positive qualities make copper an ideal roofing surface; however, what is most striking about a copper roof installation is its distinctive look. Natural copper does something no other roofing material does by changing appearance over time. It is available in pre-sized sheets that are the size of an entire section of roof, roofing panels, or shingles in various shapes and sizes. It starts out looking like a copper penny, then turns a rich brown as it begins to oxidize, finally turning a patina of beautiful sea blue and green. This process can take as long as 20 years to take place, but it is even possible to accelerate the patina with a special roof coating that speeds up the oxidation process.

The Main Disadvantage - Copper Can Be Costly

As distinctive and appealing as a copper roof installation can be, the main deterrent which prevents homeowners from actually investing in it is the price. Copper roofing can be pricey in comparison to other roofs, which is a major drawback. Yet when viewed in terms of longevity, a copper roof can still be quite cost effective. The initial outlay may be high, but copper outlasts asphalt and most other roofs many times over, making it a roof that literally can last almost forever. For the right home, and the right homeowner, copper can be a worthwhile investment; not only in the appearance of a classic home, but in the long-term protection of the roof.

Of all the roofing options available today, few are more attractive or distinctive than an aging copper roof that is beginning to patina. A roof installation of copper may be a bit of an expense initially, but it will last for decades, or possibly hundreds of years with the right care. To learn more about copper roofs, and how they can enhance the look and value of any home, contact a roofing contractor experienced with metal and copper roofs, today!

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