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Laminated dimensional and architectural asphalt shingles have become one of the most popular materials used on residential roofs today, for many significant reasons. Unlike the asphalt shingles of yesterday, today’s products are more durable and cost-effective, the two main qualities that good roofing materials should possess. Some of the ones used today by roof services even carry a lifetime warranty, adding to the appeal of this high-quality, high-performing material.

Modern Advancements in Technology

Most asphalt shingles now produced are laminated, multi-layer architectural versions that far surpass the flat, single-layered ones of the past, both in durability and performance. Although still manufactured from a material consisting of asphalt and fiberglass, architectural variations are made with two layers of higher-quality material that are stacked and bonded together. By using this process for architectural shingles on residential roofs, they are thicker, more weather and damage resistant, and more three-dimensional. This means they can be easily made in different shapes and sizes to perform better and look nicer. It is estimated that 70 percent of those installed by roof services on residential roofs are the double-thick, laminated architectural ones.

Lifetime Laminated Asphalt Shingles

Above and beyond the durability and life expectancy of these specialty architectural shingles, today’s roof services now have access to laminated dimensional ones designed to last a lifetime. Commonly referred to as luxury shingles, the dimensional versions that can last a lifetime are produced similarly to architectural ones with a few extra steps. Lifetime shingles are made from three bonded layers of an even higher quality asphalt and fiberglass material.

In addition to this extra bonded layer, this material also includes higher amounts of asphalt on the top, increasing their waterproofing capabilities and making them heavier in general. Due to the increased thickness, dimensional laminated shingles can be formed to mimic the look of other roofs, including slate, wood, and wood shake.

Luxury Shingles Can Last A Lifetime

While most bonded architectural shingles will last as long as 40 or 50 years, laminated dimensional luxury ones can literally last a lifetime. Using better asphalt mixes and improved design features, most luxury shingles provide up to six layers of protection when properly installed by professional roof services. Combined with their thicker design and more durable top layer, they provide increased water and wind resistance as well as higher impact resistance. These various performance enhancements combine to form a material that is harder to damage as long as roofs receive proper maintenance.

Although luxury dimensional shingles cost about one-third more than standard architectural ones, they also offer the highest performance for any asphalt versions available. Lifetime bonded dimensional shingles provide greater protection than any other asphalt roofs, making the additional expense well worth the added cost. When installed by experienced roof services, the luxury models offer outstanding performance as well as the look that many homeowners want. To learn more about lifetime laminated shingles, homeowners should discuss their needs with professional roof services in their area!

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