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As most homeowners know, big storms can be accompanied by strong winds that can cause multiple kinds of damage to roofs and then need attention from a roof company. Even though you can’t stop the winds from blowing, you can take advance precautions to protect your structure. Reduce the chance of having to call professional roof services after the storm by following the simple, yet important tips discussed below.

Pay Attention to Roofing Material

Two of the most common reasons why shingles, panels, and even tiles peel away from roofs is poor maintenance and a lack of regular roofing inspections. Without the proper maintenance, materials can become damaged or loosen over time, creating the perfect place for wind to take hold.

Regular inspections by a roof company help assure that all materials are in good condition and properly fastened. When a roof is in good shape, it is more durable against wind, rain, and other extreme weather conditions. Hire roof services for a professional inspection at least once a year.

Keep the Trees Trimmed

Trees are another cause of roof damage during strong winds. Branches close to the top of the house can damage the structure when winds put them within reach. Thicker branches can penetrate roofing materials, break shingles and tiles, or completely lift them off the surface.

You can prevent this type of damage by having tree services trim branches so they cannot reach the top of your house, even when tossed around by storm winds. This also reduces the possibility of a heavy limb breaking off and crashing down onto your home.

Keep the Yard Clear

Besides trees, anything left in the yard can become a projectile if the wind is strong enough. Surprisingly, many homes require roof services from damage sustained after being struck by loose outdoor items. When you know storms are approaching, the best thing to do is put away any items that could be swept up by strong winds.

Put loose articles inside the house, a shed or garage, or secure them in some other way. Patio furniture and umbrellas, bicycles, toys, as well as lawn and garden equipment should be put away. Heavier items like barbecue grills can be pushed up against the side of the house.

Check for Damage After Storms

Prevent serious wind losses by locating and repairing any damage that may already exist from previous storms. Whether you do this yourself or hire a roof company, check the roof for missing, loose, or broken materials as well as damaged or missing flashing, gutters, or any other similar issues. Have repair work done as soon as possible so your structure will be able to withstand the next storm.

Before your shingles blow away and create a need for repairs by roof services, make sure your roof can withstand damaging heavy winds. All it takes is regular inspections and maintenance by a roof company to guarantee your structure is in good shape. Be sure to also remove common hazards that can intensify wind damage. The simple precautions above can help roofs remain protective, even in the windiest conditions!

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